Queen Vietnamese Martyr Leaders         March 24-26, <br>

Queen Vietnamese Martyr Youth             March 31- April 2 <br>

MFCC North Marriage Retreat                 April 7-9 <br>

With Bare Feet Women’s Retreat             May 5-7 <br>

MFCC East Marriage Retreat                    May 5-7 <br>

Denver Jewish Day School Retreat          May 12-14 <br>

Summer Camp Director’s Meeting           May 12-14 <br>

Summer Camp Staff Orientation Week   May 28 – June 3 <br>

Cub Camp I                                                     June 4-10 <br>

Pathfinder Council                                        June 9-11 <br>

Cub Camp II                                                   June 11-17 <br>

Junior Camp                                                   June 18-24 <br>

Family Camp/Blind Camp                           June 25 – July 1 <br>

Teen Out Posts                                              July 2-8 <br>

Teen Camp                                                     July 9-15 <br>

Summer Camp Clean Up                            July 16-17 <br>

Comfort Zone Camp                                     July 20-23 <br>

Westminster Church Camp                        July 31 – Aug 3 <br>

Our Lady of Guadalupe Retreat                August 4-6 <br>

Adventure Rabbi Kids Camp                     August 19 <br>

Hispanic Camp Meeting                             September 1-4 <br>

Pathfinder/Adventure Leadership           September 8-10 <br>

St Theresa Catholic Youth Retreat           September 22-24 <br>

Boulder Mennonite Church Retreat        September 29-Oct 1 <br>

Al-Anon Retreat                                           October 6-8 <br>

Pathfinder/Adventurer Council                October 20-22 <br>

Pastor’s Retreat                                            January 7-9, 2018 <br>

Teen Prayer Summit                                   January 19-21, 2018 <br>

Northern Ridge Baptist Church               February 16-18, 2018 <br>

Family in Christ Men’s Retreat                February 23-25, 2018 <br>



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