Remington Schneider Hill with Lena Saliba Williams:
May 3, 2014 ·
The summer of 2012 changed my life.
It all started when I opened the Kiowa cabin door at Glacier View Ranch Seventh-day Adventist Camp. There I found six teenage girls hyper on mountain air and the thought that they were finally at camp.
When I first got there, it was kind of awkward being the only one who didn’t know everyone, but my cabin mates welcomed me like they had known me forever. One of the girls who really made me feel welcomed and comfortable was Gabrielle, or Gabby for short. She was a pastor’s daughter and we were just like each other! Same religion, same hair, same personality and the list can go on and on! She was my best friend at camp. We did everything together—swimming, horseback-riding, kayaking, and our favorite, go-kart riding. Camp was a blast!
Unfortunately, I had to leave camp five days early; my precious Nana died. When my parents picked me up, I introduced them to Gabby. We started the conversation with where she went to school. She said she went to HMS Richards SDA School in Loveland, CO. Come to find out we were actually looking to move to that area. Long story short, we ended up living with Gabrielle and her family for over 2 months! Being in a pastor’s house I developed an everlasting love for God that led to my baptism and a deeper understanding of the Sabbath.
Gabby is still to this day my best friend and is one of the reasons I am where I am, and God had a huge part in that too! Who would have known that going to GVR summer camp would have changed my life?
(This is a story that i entered in outlook magazine and got second place but I wanted to share this story personally. …I want to be a witness for God of how He can do AMAZING things! He has changed my life and I wanted to make sure everyone knows that God is responsible for that! Thank you so much Gabrielle Williams for being one of the most unbelievable incredible person that has been a fantastic witness and best friend to me…I dont know what I would do without you! smile emoticon Thank you everyone else that has helped me on my journey such as my mom Kim Hill and my dad along with my Pastor,Mr.Williams and his lovely family that is a part of my family! I love you all and im so glad your in my life.)Beverly Bowman Rettler:  I loved camp. My son loved camp — went there and worked there.

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